Who are we?

The story of Wasur

In 1980 Jozef Relaes started as an insurance agent for ABB in Kieldrecht. He moved successively from his kitchen table to an office in Verrebroek in '90 and then settled in Kieldrecht. Over the years, he became the established value in the region, with clients from Vrasene, Verrebroek, Meerdonk, Doel and far beyond.

ABB became KBC in 1998 and by always keeping a finger on the pulse, technically and with the customer first, Insurance Relaes continued to grow steadily, in good interaction with the Kieldrecht bank branch.

Kristof Anseeuw stepped on board in 2006 and Richard Van den Bergh followed in 2011 as new business managers. The passionate team with Kristof, Richard, Sabina, Lode and Veerle can count on extensive expertise and we are happy to offer you the best service with great enthusiasm.

Do you want to take out insurance, do you have a question about your policy or is there damage? We ensure that you leave the office with clear advice and that you feel comfortable with the proposed solution.

With us you are important.

Our team

Kristof Anseeuw

Richard Van den Bergh

Sabina Lockefeer

Lode Van de Velde

Jonas Gevaert